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Examples of Successfully Designed, Manufactured and Commissioned Products of Cigol Controls Ltd.

7) 'Electrocut' Plasma Torch Cutter Controller.

The 'Electrocut' is a non-transferred arc plasma torch cutter, suitable for use on a variety of materials ranging from ceramic fibre sheet, to carpets. The controller continually monitors gas pressure, arc voltage and arc current, and ensures that the system is operating within predefined safety limits, as well as ensuring a rapid, but reliable arc start and stop sequence

8) Video Meat/Fat Scanner Data Processor.

The video meat scanner is a revolutionary device for visually measuring the ratio of fat and lean in both frozen and fresh meat. The data processor is installed on a large frozen food production line, and provides a real time indication of the present fat and lean content in mixing bins, together with information about how much 'high quality' meat should be added to achieve a desired product.

9) Commercial Product Control System.

A control system based around a single-chip microcomputer designed to provide the complete sequencing for a mass produced commercial product. The original design features an EPROM based device, with a view to generating low cost mask ROM units as sales targets are realised. The product is aimed at a sector of the domestic food/drink market.

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